Monday, March 29, 2010


I'd passed my undang test last two week.Congratz to myself.
Suprisingly it's 48/50!!Not bad right?give around of applause pls:*
Now,i'm waiting for my L licence.The auntie haven't call me yet.So slow la.
Wait and wait and wait.
It's okay.
Nowadays,feel like very lazy to blog and become lazier and lazier.
There's nothing happen in my life,of course except the cadence with him.
We quarrel and reconcile several times in a month.In fact,it has enhance our love:*
Sometimes,i enjoy my peaceful life:*

Tomb-Sweeping Day!!
Last week,i went back to my hometown to visit my ancestor's grave with my family.
I woke up at 6 in the morning.I didn't get up early since i'd graduated:P
After prepared all the things,we started our journey to the cemetery.
There're not many ppl in the cemetery on that day.
After finished the worship , we went back to kl and shopping with my mum at IoI mall.
Watched movie 'Just Another Pandora Box'.
Don't know what's the movie trying to express eventhough it's funny.==
Rated 3 stars for it only.
Recently,i started to do some research about the make-up and beauty courses.
Confusing occur on the aspect of choosing academy.
Clara?Impress Esteem?Domeilee?.......a lot.
Nevertheless,i'll still continue searching for more academy.Just because i want an ideal choice.
Wish that i can make a good selection for my future.

Hey!I hate the way of all the aunties and relatives keep asking me what to do for my future.
Study?Which college are you going to choose?What course are you going to choose?
When i answered:i'm not going to study in college but take make-up & beauty course.
They answered:yer..I don't like that!!Why don't want continue study?Study good aahh...blablabla...
Me:@#$%^&*................(inside my heart)
WTF!!You don't like that???what the hell are you talking about?
That's none of your business lo.
What i choose for my future also need to ask you all first?
Need to see weither you all like or not?
Hahaha!Ridiculous and speechless.
Are there all of the ppl who study in college 100% can find a good job in their future?
Are there all of the ppl who not study in college 100% be doomed to failure?
who say?OLD FOSSIL!
Hate all of you!
Fortunately,my parent support me to choose what i interest.Thankiew so much:*

Everything around us is changing everyday,every minute,every second.
Especially the distance between me and my friends.
Seldom get in touch with them recently.Don't know what's going on with them.
Hope all of us can find a day and chit chat together again.I miss the day we stick together.
Since we'd finished our highschool life,the dreams that we needed to achieve wouldn't be the same anymore.
That's why our distance getting far.
Nevertheless,i miss them so much no matter how much we've changed:*

Friday, March 19, 2010



So tired of feeling blue
Such a heavy weight on you
So shake it off and make your way to somewhere different
To somewhere different
Oh no now you're leaving me oh what will you do
All alone in the big bad world but I'm not worried, no

Cause you're gonna skip along
Quite merrily baby, you're gonna revel in hating what's going on
And you're like a sugar bomb
And no harm will come
No harm will come if you just skip along

Acting oblivious
Comes natural to us
Keep smiling knowing all the while the world will fall apart
The world will fall apart

So we're gonna skip along
Oh quite merrily baby we're gonna revel in hating what's going on
And you're like a sugar bomb
And no harm will come
No harm will come if you just skip along

Wouldn't it be lovely to be home, home
Safe and sound with no one round to bring us down but that's so far away

So I'm gonna skip along
Quite merrily baby, I'm gonna revel in hating what's going on
And I'm like a sugar bomb
And no harm will come
No harm will come if I just skip along

Yeah we are going to skip along
Quite merrily baby, we're gonna revel in hating what's going on
And yell out your sugar bomb, bomb, bomb
No harm with come
No harm with come if we just skip along
Skip along
Skip along
No harm with come if we just skip along

Sunday, March 14, 2010



Finally my sweetie Venus and Mavis came back from ns.hoho:*

11/3/2010 was the day for all last year form 5 students went back to secondary school to take SPM result.

i think that day would be the last time i went back to my secondary school.

no more chance to go there.

Early in the morning,i went to venus's house first to wait her father fetch us to school.

We chit-chat a lot.

The most important part was she told me that she'd met her sweetheart in her camp and finally they started their new relationship.

They've been together since...i've forgot:P

GONGRATULATION my sweetie!!!

What i can see is she do love him so much.

That's the second time i saw her like that.

We reached to school around 10.30am.There were so many ppls. my schoolmates.

They've changed a lot.especially their hair style.i could even saw a yellow colour head!!geng!!

Half an hour later,we get into the auditorium and waited for the result.

Principal announced the students who got 6As at the first and followed by 7As,8As,9As and 10As...

Those who got 6As above got the chance to shake hand with principal.

On that moment,I were thinking that i wouldn't have the chance when others students were going up to the stage.haha

Unfortunately,i really didn't have the chance to shake hand with her,didn't have the chance to hear my name from principal and didn't have the chance to cry.haha

okay la.fine.

those who didn't get 6As above straight away lined up according to class to get the result.

i felt so nervous when it was my turn.....................

ARRRRRRRRRR.....I'm so happy ar!!!!!!!!!!!!omg!!!!!!!!!!omg!!!!!!!!!!!on that moment!!!!

After i saw my result, i hugged all my friends quickly.even kissed my sweetie Mavis:*

I didn't know how to describe my feeling on that so so suprised:*

Teacher said my result okay.ngek ngek:P

My parent and i were satisfied with my result.God Blessed Me:*

After that,all of us went to leisure mall to have our lunch together.

It was a meaningful day for me.we took a lot of pictures:* Of course ugly pictures*

after finished our lunch,Venus and i went back to my home.

She wanna chat with her sweetheart through msn:P

During the night,Rainie told me something.........all my 'ji mui' ffk!!!!!!

Rainie Megan Fei Kei Gaga [ her name become longer and longer ] told me that all of them wont come out on12/3 [ my bday ]T_______T

i do really felt like abit disappointed and wanna cry when i heard that.

okay la. nevermind. wait for cu's bday:*

and HAPPY 4 YEARS'S ANNIVERSARY (with him:*)

The end.


12/3!!!!yeah yeah!!!my bday!!!!!

so excited because that was the second time hang out with my boy without others friends.

(two ppl world)

yea.second time only since we've been together 4 years.T_____T

When i were going out ,my mum called me and said 'happy birthday'.so touchingT______T

He fetched me to Midvalley.we're hanging out over there.

First, we bought tickets [ Alice in Wonderland 3D].

We're having our breakfast at Sushi King and ordered 2 sets of piri piri chicken.:D

so full.Teehee*

After that,we keep walking around and finally went in the shop to see the Nike shoes.

He said he wanna buy for me.I thought he was kidding me at the first.

Then i answered him:okay it now.

He answered back he really wanna buy a kikstyo tee and a pair of shoe for me!

OMG!i couldn't imagined how good was him!

because the items were really expensive!

he also told me, before that he planned to buy me a Coach purse!

i were touching when i heard that:*

he brought me to Sole What and want me to choose my bday present.

Finally,i've chose a pair of shoe only because there was not many choices of kikstyo tee.

So happy and i love it so much!!i swear i'll cherish it :*

TQ so much bii:*

before we went to cinema,we've took some pictures^^

okay.It's time to watch movie.

he said that's his first time to watch 3D.i better than him.It was my second time^^

Hmm.the movie not really nice la but the effect was good!

rated 3 stars for it only:P

After movie,there was no more place to walk ard so we decided to go back to leisure mall to find my friends.Rainie megan fei kei gaga,venus and cu.

A few minutes later,we went back home together.

When i reached home,i realized that the time i sticked with him was short:(

i began to regret extremely.Why i went back home so early.

So we've to wait another chance again.I'll wait.

it's a memorable day and i hope he wouldn't forget it:*

TQ so much for accompany me bii:*

i liked the way we hand in hand.

i liked the way we hugged each other and walked slowly.

i liked the way he stroked and kissed my cheek so suddenly.

i liked the way he cared me.

i liked the way...........a lot.
i wished that i'd get more freedom from my mum to keep this relationship permanently.
Now,i were18th.I've grown up:*

Looks alike...........hehe:*

he looks cute^^

in the wonderland:*

my present:*

The end:*

Saturday, March 6, 2010