Monday, May 31, 2010

Relative's Wedding Dinner

Attended my relative's wedding dinner last Saturday at Seremban.
Rushed for make-up,rushed for dressed up,rushed for everything at the last moment.
(I've no idea why everytime also need to i've got used to it.)
We reached there early.I've regretted that i wore like this...there's cold like hell!!
I was trembling in the cold and I can't stand for it><(ngor zen hei jip sao mm dou lo)
But no choice la,I've to endure.The dinner started on 8.20p.m.
While i was eating,my dad keep nagging me.'eh,go up to stage and sing!!!!'
After that, all the relatives also started to nag me.'go la go la.....'
Fortunately,my cousin promised to accompany me to sing.So,I just sing.XD
That's my first time!I was extremely nervous!!!
When the mc called our name,there's applause everywhere.XD
Finally,I've done my 'job'.pheww~~~
and I went up to stage so many times since the first time was started.Haha
That day,I've drank a little bit wine.Just a little bit ,my face and neck turned to red colour quickly.
(can't see it in the photo)
When I looked at the mirror...OMG..i was shocked.Look like tomato!!!and my face was very hot!
So,I stopped to drink it!!
And then....
After that...
Just then...
At the moment..

Yea!!That's all for today.XP
There're some pictures here..take a look~~

The left one was the bride's mummy.(my aunt)

My boss!!(mummy)

My grandma.

She's so pretty!looks alike Cheong Pak Chi!

Sweet kiss!

Look at me.sei gua pao.XD

besides psp,still the

my leng cai bro.XD

A frightening ghost!

A bad quality video here.just take a look la,if you don't mind.X)

ps:Oh yeah!i've forgot!That day was my first time to wear a high-heeled shoes.Yea!The First Time!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Party

A short post again ♥

I made it by myself ♥ hehe

There're two birthday celebration here ♥
The first one ♥ Ms. Tung See Yue
At Station1 ♥
Just a little pictures here ♥

I like this pose actually ♥

That's a happy day for them but a sad day for me and Lee Chong Wei..
Somethings happened between me and my family.
The war started after i answered a call from my parents.
Stress.Fall apart.End up crying.
Felt so sorry to all my dear ji mui and thankiew so much.♥
They worried about me all the time and because of me ,Yuri had to fetched me back early.
After i reached home,the war between me and my parents continued....yea..we fight.
I lost as a result.
The next day,my mum told me that my dad couldn't sleep for the whole night.
Just then,I realized that i hurt them deeply.Sorry..
The second one ♥ Ms.Mavis Lai Jo Ee
At Kaki Corner ♥

The Birthday girl ♥

My dear Liz ♥

I was trying to kill the bday girl on her bday ♥ no la..just a pose.X)

Let me introduce.The girl who stood beside me was my dear wife ♥ Mu Cheng
She likes ppl to call her as Rainie or Megan or Frog or Gaga or 'Quack'(a latest name for her.XP) and maybe CICAK too.
(because she looks like cicak.XP kidding la.Don't get angry my dear♥)
And the one who laughed til couldn't open the eyes was my son ♥ Xiao Le
She's cute!!

In this picture,I feel like I really look alike Clover!Have you noticed?
But my face is much bigger than her la of course:P

We're dancing!Nobody+Sorry Sorry+Gee!Actually no. We keep laughing and laughing ♥ XD

My dear Sammy

We've already been friend for 12 years ♥

My dear hubby ♥

Congratz! my sweetie Clover and Mavis have got into the relationship.
What a good news from them.Hee..♥
The next one will be my dear Rainie soon.'Rainie Yap,give him a chance la.Xp'
Finally,I've already chosen Top To Toe for my beauty and make-up courses.
Start on 19th July.
My relative told me, that's one of the best academy.really?:P
To be honest,i wished that time could pass quickly.
I'm really looking foward to it ,a brend of new life ♥ :)