Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Warning ♥


In this world cup season,I think all the girls those who have a bf are facing a problem as well,me too.Yea,we're deserted and forgotten by our bf.
I've complained him so many times within these two weeks, he really has changed it.
(Maybe I'm the one who have changed:P)
I think all the gf throughout the world are also doing the same thing as me.(keep complaining)
I'm sure that most of them have failed.Even make the situation become worse.
It's useless actually.So,girls,we should find another ways to solve this problem.
Firstly,we must try to be patient to them,try to learn how to tolerate them.
Secondly,we've to learn how to watch football match from now on and learn how to scream as well.xD Even thought girl doesn't like to do so. In fact,it's useful.
Thirdly,try to discuss with them and change our opinion.(It only came once every four years)
Fourthly,if the tips that I've given you also useless,....FIGHT with him then!!!What are you waiting for??just fight la!!:P
I won't fight with him anymore because I like to watch it right now:P haha
But,I'm still wanna give him a warning.
So,MJ JUN aka FOO MUN JIN listen carefully huh..If you desert me or forget me because of football match again (till I can't bear with it la),you'll know what's going to happen on you after 11 of July!!You better watch out ;)

Venus'd started her college life and she'd moved to the dormitory.So,we only can see her once a month.Kinda miss her:*Last Friday was the last day we all gathered at KK Food Court .Hope she enjoys her new college life:)

ps:I like the world cup song seriously:P