Monday, July 5, 2010

short post ♥

Attended a new english class last Saturday.There's a new teacher and some new students.
That day,when the teacher said, take out your text book and turn to page xxx, i was like...==
LOL.They're still repeating the same lesson.I thought that day would start a new level.
They're too slow==
The teacher asked me if i had finish this chapter.I told her I've already finished the whole book.
She asked me how about the workbook.Again!!I told her I've finished the whole book too!!!
She was like........ and asked me why I came to this class.==
LOL.How do i know?Teacher Abigail told me that you all would start a new level this Saturday!
Kinda ridiculous==Yet,I still continued my class.
To be honest,I don't really enjoy the class because there're some blokes keep talking the yellow jokes.Surprisingly,the teacher also joined them and talked together.sweat==
Maybe she's trying to catch our attention...
Overall,I still can use 'okay la' to describe the class.
After class,my hubby came to find me.
Happy ♥ Sweet ♥ Romantic ♥ Touching ♥ Sleepy ♥ Warm ♥ and so on
Nothing else to tell.These're all the words to describe the feeling of that day.
Miss him much right now:*